The Great DeKalbian Nailed It Bake-Off is a combination for two great baking shows where people of all skill levels come together to have some fun and learn more about baking. Join us for an informational session to learn everything you need to know about this fun initiative!

The competition begins August 10 and goes through October 12. During the competition, the host, Rachel, will post a challenge, a recipe, and tutorial videos every other week. You’ll have 14 days to complete your bake. Library staff will judge the look for each bake and someone in your house will be your taste judge. Each baker will be awarded points and the one with the most points wins!

Once you register you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Zoom meeting, a phone number to call into the Zoom meeting, and a password to the meeting. Join the Zoom meeting 5 minutes prior to the program, especially if you haven’t used Zoom before.

If you have any questions contact Rachel at or at (815) 756-9568 ext. 2150.