2020 DeKalb Farmers Market Safety Guidelines

Market Guidelines

  • Market will operate as an In-n-Out Market- no social gathering or loitering
  • No live music entertainment or interactive programs
  • At least 6 feet between vendor booths
  • Handwashing station/sanitizer at entrance
  • Vendors are limited to food products- agricultural goods, food trucks, and baked goods
  • No tablecloths
  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces and equipment every hour
  • No public restroom- for staff and vendor use only
  • Proper signage reminding shoppers of safety regulations throughout market
  • Staff will monitor vendor booth lines and shoppers to prevent congregating
  • Staff will wear face coverings and gloves

Vendor Guidelines

  • Required to wear face coverings
  • Practice good hand hygiene and wear gloves when handling food/money
  • Do not allow sick employees to work at the market
  • Assign one staff person to handle money and other to handle products
  • Spread out tables in a single line as much as possible
  • No sampling of products
  • Have all products clearly price marked to avoid unnecessary touching
  • Encourage credit transactions
  • Encourage customers to pre-pay/order for pick-up at market
  • Sanitize frequently touched services and equipment regularly
  • Signage stating “Not ready for use, wash and prepare before eating” will be displayed for shoppers
  • Inform the Market Manager of unsafe situations requiring immediate attention

Shopper Guidelines

  • Stay home if you are sick or are in a high-risk category
  • Required to wear a face covering
  • Maintain 6-foot social distancing between other shoppers, vendors, and staff
  • Practice good hand hygiene and cough
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Limit shoppers to one per household and no children
  • Make a shopping list and complete shopping as quickly as possible
  • Pay with credit, debit, or exact change as much as possible
  • LINK tokens will be allowed
  • Credit/Debit tokens will not be allowed until further notice