The Irish Marching Society in coordination with the Screw City Jeep Club is having a A St Paddy’s Driving Parade this Saturday (March 13th) starting at the old Magna parking lot next to Don Carter Lanes on E. State in Rockford!  It’s open for anyone to drive in. Lineup starts at 2pm with the parade kicking off at 3.  A $10 donation is asked if you choose to participate and there is a $50 fee if your vehicle advertises commercially or politically.


HOW it will work: The IMS will be organizing the participating vehicles in the Magna Parking lot beginning at 2pm and kickoff at 3pm. Those who have signed the waiver and DECORATED their street legal vehicle are allowed to drive in the parade. All participants will be coordinated for the routes they will drive, which will be posted on the website. Participants will drive their designated route, following each other as traffic allows. The important thing is to obey all traffic laws. There will be no traffic controls in place. It is highly suggested to possibly have one person to assist the driver with directions for safely. It should take less than one hour to complete the route.

Visit the Irish Marching Society at

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