94.9 WDKB presented this weeks #HometownHero award to:

Tyler and Katy Fillipp

Thanks to Dani from DeKalb who nominated Tyler and Katy. She said:

“Tyler and Katy lived the unthinkable when their son Beckam suddenly passed away on February 3, 2020. While many people could have been made bitter by such a terrible loss, Tyler and Katy turned their sadness into love. They started the Beckam North Foundation to honor their son and spread the love he gave them to those in need. They do a special project for the community each month with the help of local businesses who want to join them in their mission to be kind and love harder. Tyler and Katy are trying some of the most incredible people I have ever met and, while the pain of their loss will never go away, they channel that pain into making sure others are loved and cared for.”