The DeKalb Fire Department is pleased to announce its 26th annual Red Wreath Program.  Since 1986, DeKalb Fire Department has displayed lighted wreaths as a visual reminder of home  fire safety during the holiday season. 

On Thanksgiving Day, DeKalb firefighters displayed wreaths with all red bulbs outside each fire  station. If an emergency fire incident related to the holiday season occurs, firefighters will replace  a red bulb with a white bulb. This display will continue through January 1, 2023. Our community’s  goal is to keep all the wreaths red. 

Each time drivers and pedestrians observe the red wreaths at the fire stations we hope they are  reminded to celebrate the holidays safely and Keep the Wreaths Red

The leading causes of holiday fires include cooking, candles, electrical short circuits in  decorative lighting, and combustible holiday decorations. Chimney fires and heating  appliances such as space heaters also are a risk. 

If you have any questions about the Red Wreath Program or would like any information about  fire safety, please contact the DeKalb Fire Department at 748-8460.