Tuesday June 30th

Fill your tank in the morning to get more gas. Gasoline expands when it’s warmer outside, so by getting gas when it’s cooler out you’ll get more volume per dollar!

Monday June 29th

If something in your oven catches fire, do not open the door. Turn the oven off and leave the door closed to deplete the oxygen inside which will smother the fire.

Friday June 26th

Store liquid freezie pops upright in the freezer for a guaranteed clean cut every time!

Thursday June 25th

Got an old cell phone? Put it in your glovebox and use it as a 911 phone. US law requires that all phones are able to call 911, even if they don’t have a data plan.

Wednesday June 24th

To organize your linen closet, use a pillowcase from a sheet set to keep the rest of the sheets in.

Tuesday June 23rd

Avoid mistakenly sending badly written, half-finished emails by waiting until the end to fill in the “To” address field.

Monday June 22nd

Use the Recycle Air feature when running your car’s AC to help save gas and cool your car faster! This works to cool the already cooled air inside your car, instead of constantly fighting to cool the hot air outside.

Friday June 19th

To get the most juice out of citrus fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, or grapefruits, microwave them for 10 to 30 seconds! The larger the fruit, the more time it’ll need in the microwave.

Thursday June 18th

Zip up your fly before washing your jeans so it isn’t catching and tearing other materials.

Wednesday June 17th

When eating ice cream, place the spoon upside down in your mouth, so the ice cream hits your tongue. Make ice cream taste even BETTER by eating it this way!

Tuesday June 16th

Unplug from technology at least an hour before bed. Melatonin helps regulate your body’s internal clock and the blue light from your phone or TV interferes with that, making your brain think it’s still daytime.

Monday June 15th 

Here’s the best way to clean your mouth! Rinse with mouthwash first, then floss, then brush. If you rinse with mouthwash at the end, it washes away the fluoride from your toothpaste.

Friday June 12th

Have a muscle cramp? Eat a banana. Bananas will give you potassium, magnesium and calcium which all help to ease muscle cramps.

Thursday June 11th

Peanut butter helps to boost your metabolism and can even keep your body burning calories when you’re asleep!

Wednesday June 10th

When you leave your car, make sure to turn off any electronic devices you leave in it. Criminals can use radio and Bluetooth detectors to determine which cars to rob.

Tuesday June 9th

Google Assistant has a feature called “Google Lens” that will tell you what kind of plant, insect, or animal you are looking at.

Monday June 8th

To get a bug to leave a room at night, close the door, turn off the lights and turn on the lights in the room outside. This will lure the bug out towards the new light source.

Friday June 5th

Use a colander as a less soggy ice bucket. Fill with ice, place it in a large bowl and add your beer/champagne/soda. When the ice starts to melt, it’ll drip through the colander and into the bowl underneath, keeping cans and bottles easier to handle.

Thursday June 4th

Use dish-washing gloves to get difficult lids off of jars. This helps give you so much more grip and traction!

Wednesday June 3rd

An egg slicer isn’t just for eggs! Use it to slice up soft fruits and veggies, like strawberries or mushrooms.

Tuesday June 2nd

Microwaves, baby monitors, and computer speakers can interfere with WIFI signals if they’re close to your router. If your internet is slow, try moving the router.

Monday June 1st

It takes an average of 14 days for mosquito eggs to hatch, so clearing standing water once a week can help to dramatically decrease the mosquito population in your yard.