Friday January 31st

If you’re planning to get someone a gift, but don’t know what to get them, tell them you got them something and to guess what it is. They’ll list things they actually want!

Thursday January 30th

When an app asks you if you want to leave a review on the apps’ store, instead of tapping no, choose yes, wait for it to send you to the review page, then close it: it will think you left a review and won’t bother you anymore.

Wednesday January 29th

Be skeptical of products that say “Clinically proven”. That is a marketing term and only says they’ve done their own private study that is designed to show the result the company wants. It is not the same as a “Scientifically proven” study which is published and open for peer review.

Tuesday January 28th

Tech Hack! Use the shortcut: ‘Windows key + V’ to bring up a panel showing the history of items you’ve copied to the clipboard.

Monday January 27th

If you receive a bunch of scam calls, pick up the phone and mute your mic. You’ll be considered a “ghost number” and steadily the calls will decrease.

Friday January 24th

Pee shy? Start multiplying random numbers in your head. The same part of the brain controls both tasks and will help you get it started.

Thursday January 23rd

Cleaning out your computer? On windows search “size:huge” and it will display all files on your computer over 1GB. Use this to clean up space on your hard drive. You can also search size: empty, tiny, small, medium, large, huge, and gigantic to pull up different file sizes.

Wednesday January 22nd

Put monthly or bi-monthly reminders on your phone calendar to call different extended family members. A lot of older relatives are lonely and even a five-minute phone call can make their whole week.

Tuesday January 21st

To easily extract juice from a lemon, roll it on the counter under your hand, heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds, then insert a toothpick. The juice will dribble out!

Monday January 20th

If your drawers don’t slide out smoothly, try rubbing candle wax on the guides.

Friday January 17th

Use gift cards to sign up for those “trial offers” to avoid being charged once the trial runs out.

Thursday January 16th

If you get some static cling on your shirt/sweater, put a safety pin in it to help divert the charge.

Wednesday January 15th

Use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T to reopen a browser tab you accidentally closed.

Tuesday January 14th

When at a hotel, don’t use the “Please Make Up My Room” sign. It advertises to burglars that you’re not in. Housecleaning will check in and clean your room anyways.

Monday January 13th

Laminate score sheets for your favorite games so you can reuse them!

Friday January 10th

If you’re stressed out at your job, a new study found keeping a PLANT on your desk really can help calm you down. Researchers in Japan found that just seeing the plant helps to reduce stress levels.

Thursday January 9th

When putting on a fitted bed sheet, work diagonally. After you’ve successfully covered your first corner, move to the diagonal corner for your second attempt. Fitting the diagonal corner isn’t going to cause the first one to pop free.

Wednesday January 8th

Use orange peels to clean stained mugs. Dip the white side of the peel in salt and scrub all over the mug. Give it a rinse and it’ll be good as new!

Tuesday January 7th

Cold Remedy: Mix some lemon, ginger, and sriracha sauce in some hot water and slug it back. This concoction will help clear your sinuses!

Monday January 6th

Register your gift cards online. If you lose the card, you can at least make purchases online with it–or possibly even get a replacement.

Friday January 3rd

Wrap net lights around a piece of cardboard to keep it from becoming a tangled ball.

Thursday January 2nd

Want to lose weight? Eat more spicy foods. Spicy foods trick your taste buds into being more satisfied with smaller amounts of food.