Tuesday December 31st

When opening a bottle of champagne, keep the wire cage on! The cage helps you control the cork so it doesn’t fly out when it pops, and also gives you leverage to help separate the cork from the bottle.

Monday December 30th

Feeling bloated from all that holiday food? Drink some peppermint tea. Peppermint relaxes the digestive system and can help ease stomach aches, cramps, gas, and indigestion.

Friday December 27th

The fragrant smell of evergreen needles can last long after the tree is gone. Just remove the needles from the tree before you dispose of it and put them in satchels or bowls of water to keep the scent alive!

Thursday December 26th

Stock up on discounted wrapping paper with neutral patterns that can be used throughout the year for birthdays and other special events!

Monday December 23rd

Cook stuffing in muffin trays to make it easier to serve and to also add an extra crisp to the edges!

Friday December 20th

Wrap a large cardboard box to use as a trash can on Christmas morning to avoid a black trash bag (or just lots of trash) in all your photos.

Thursday December 19th

When sending guests directions to your house, don’t just send them the address, send them a picture of your house too. This will make it way easier for them to find it instead of searching up and down the street for house numbers.

Wednesday December 18th

Trying to eat less? Use a smaller plate. It tricks your mind into thinking there’s more food, and also limits what you can pile onto your plate.

Tuesday December 17th

Baking powder and baking soda lose potency over time. Test baking powder by mixing ½ teaspoon with ¼ cup of hot tap water. Test baking soda by mixing ¼ teaspoon with 2 teaspoons of white vinegar. The more it bubbles, the fresher it is.

Monday December 16th

Stuffy nose? Leave a sliced onion near where you sleep and let it sit for the night. Your nose will be clear by the time you wake up.

Friday December 13th

Save the water in which you boil potatoes or pasta, let it cool, and use it to water your house plants. They love the starchy water.

Thursday December 12th

A new decade long study has found that people who brush their teeth at least THREE times a day had a lower risk of heart failure.

Wednesday December 11th

Got a cough? Have some pineapple juice! It’s loaded with anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe the throat and dissolve mucus and is just as effective, if not more effective, than cough syrup!

Tuesday December 10th

Help extend the life you real Christmas tree by mixing a little bit of sugar into the water. Make sure the sugar is completely dissolved before watering the tree.

Monday December 9th

When making online purchases, use your credit card rather than a debit card. If a debit card is compromised, the thief could directly compromise your bank account. The credit card acts as an extra line of defense as most credit card companies will reimburse fraudulent charges if they are promptly reported.

Thursday December 5th

Instead of using gift tags to label gifts, use a color coding system! Don’t reveal the code until Christmas to keep everyone guessing whose gifts are whose.

Wednesday December 4th

When online shopping, if you have a choice between a free shipping discount or an item discount of roughly the same amount, use free shipping so you’ll get all your money back if you have to return

Tuesday December 3rd

When creating accounts on retail websites say that your birthday is in December. That way you’ll get promotional birthday vouchers and you can use them to save money on Christmas gifts.

Monday December 2nd

While shopping on Cyber Monday, do your research! Make sure you’re shopping a legitimate site. Read product reviews or check the BBB website.

Watch out for fake coupons. Scammers use pop ups and email ads to steal money and identity information.

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