Parks and Rec fans, Happy Galentine’s Day!

Just came across some surprising stats that say Valentine’s Day is actually NOT all that busy of a day for restaurants. According to Womply, Valentine’s Day 2019—which was a Thursday—ranked 94th in the year for consumer spending at local restaurants. That ranks below even Cinco de Mayo!

The Top 5 Restaurant Days last year were the Saturday before Mother’s Day, Mother’s Day, the Saturday before Father’s Day, and then two random Saturdays: March 30th and April 13th.

Hollywood is preparing their next reboot! We are getting another “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!” but the good news is that Rick Moranis will be part of it! The news is a big deal because he’s been M.I.A. for 24 years. We haven’t seen him since “Big Bully” in 1996. Rick’s wife Ann died of breast cancer in February 1991, and after that he started backing away from Hollywood to focus on being a single parent to their two kids. But he’s agreed to appear in the Disney’s Shrunk sequel which will star Josh Gad as the son of Rick’s character.

Oh, Disney is also officially working on a sequel to their live-action Aladdin reboot. It made 1 billion at the global box office, so I guess I’m not surprised. MEH. If they chose to recreate the animated sequel Return of Jafar, I really hope they recast Jafar. He was definitely the weakest link of the bunch.

In baby news, another Jonas is on the way! Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are expecting their first child together, according to several reports. The Game of Thrones actress is 23, while Joe is 30. They began dating in November 2016, they were engaged a year later, they tied the knot in Vegas right after the 2019 Billboard Music Awards, then had their formal second wedding in Paris in June 2019.

No matter how you feel about LeBron James as a basketball player, you have to admire what he’s been doing off the court. If you recall, he opened the LeBron James’ I Promise School in Ohio in 2018 which serves as a public elementary school for at-risk children. Yesterday, the LeBron James Family Foundation announced that it will provide four years of free tuition for students in the school’s first graduating class in partnership with Kent State University!

If you’re a fan of “The Masked Singer,” well you’ll soon be able to see the show live. The Masked Singer is going on tour, bringing along some of “your favorite characters” and some “surprise celebrity hosts.” The live show will be “roughly two hours in length,” but it will not revolve around a singing competition like the TV show. Instead, the mystery celebrity will sing and eventually be unmasked in each city.

In other tour news, the Backstreet Boys have extended their DNA World Tour and have added more North America dates. They’ve made lots of promotional stops over the course of the week to promote the new tour dates and in the process have announced that they are working on a full Christmas album and that they would love to tour with N’SYNC. OMG. I can’t even tell you how fast those tickets would sell out. Even without Justin. Although with Justin, I can’t even imagine how expensive that show would be.

I’m also super pumped for this new Billie Eilish James Bond theme. It’sgoing to drop THIS AFTERNOON! She shared a sample on Instagram. Check it out!