Shop for locally grown just-picked produce, fresh from the farm at the 15th annual season of the Sycamore Farmers Market!

This is one of the few authentic farmers markets in the area. You can be assured that you are only buying direct from the farmers.  You are able to talk with each farmer about their products and get ideas on cooking and storing these items.

The Sycamore Farmers Market will also have specialty goods like freshly baked breads and confections, organic herbs, beautiful fresh-cut and potted flowers, annual and perennials, olive oils, fresh home-made sauces, local honey and jams, live music, and handcrafted products from area artists.

This lively and family friendly Farmers Market brings fresh, high quality and locally sourced food to our community every Tuesday, from 3 to 7p.m., June through September.  It’s located in historic downtown Sycamore, on the corner of Sacramento and State street.

With the healthy and safety of their vendors and residents in mind, the Sycamore Chamber has put in place several new guidelines for Market operations this year. Their safety plan is detailed below:

Sycamore Farmers Market 2020 Safety Plan

Market Operations

1) Require 6’ space between each vendor booth

2) Only one shopper per household allowed market entry and no children (exceptions for elderly and handicapped)

3) Offer online ordering and curbside pick-up

4) In and out format, no social gathering

5) Vendors are limited to food products, including agricultural products, value added products, and baked goods

6) Mark X’s 6 ft. apart for people to stand in line

7) Sanitize frequently touched surfaces and equipment every hour

8) Only one entrance and one exit for market, which will also include a hand washing station for shoppers to use before entering and when exiting

9) No entertainment, including children or community programming and music

10) No seating will be available at the market

11) Provide proper signage reminding shoppers of safety regulations

12) Communicate shopper safety regulations via social media and other marketing outlets

13) No tablecloths

14) The number of shoppers allowed into the market at one time will be determined by the Market Manager.


Staff and Volunteers

1) Staff and volunteers will monitor the entrance/exit, vendor booth lines, and the flow of shoppers to prevent congregating

2) The market will provide proper safety training to staff and volunteers


Vendor Practices

1) Vendors will provide a designated person for handling food and a second person for handling purchasing transactions

2) Do not allow sick employees to work at the market

3) Vendors are required to wear masks and gloves

4) Until products have been bagged and purchased, only the vendors are to touch them

5) No change will be given for cash transactions

6) Vendors will pre-package products if possible

8) No sampling or on-site consumption of food

9) Vendors will sanitize surfaces every hour and sanitize credit card devices after each transaction

11) Signage stating “Not ready for use, wash and prepare before eating” will be displayed for shoppers

12) Products must be transported in containers that can be sanitized

13) Vendors should have a price list visible so customers may make decisions about what to purchase while waiting in line.

14) Vendors must display produce out of reach of customers. I.E. The vendor is stationed in between the shopper and the product Shopper Regulations The market is acting as an essential local food provider and will be operating as an “in and out” market.


Shoppers are expected to…

1) Stay at home if you are feeling unwell

2) Follow CDC guidelines by wearing masks when you are unable to maintain 6’ Social Distancing, and practicing proper hygiene including washing your hands frequently.

3) Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

4) Do not touch any product that hasn’t been purchased and bagged by the vendor

5) Do not consume food on-site

6) Maintain the required 6ft. distance between other shoppers, vendors, and volunteers

7) Wash hands upon entering and exiting the market

8) Be ready to order when it is your turn

9) Limit attendance to one member of the household

10) Pay with credit or debit card and if cash is used, no change will be given

11) If using reusable bags you must place the purchased products inside the bag yourself, wash/sanitize bags at home after every use.

12) Wash all products thoroughly before use or cooking.

Resources: Illinois Department of Agriculture,, Illinois Farmers Market Association, University of Illinois Extension.

Listen to Rose Treml and Shelby Huffman with the Sycamore Chamber discuss some of the health and safety guidelines during #GuestDJ: