Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

The extension of Governor Pritzker’s stay at home order takes effect today and for some businesses in the Rockford area, this means they will be able to reopen but only under certain circumstances.

To continue to flatten the curve and work towards reopening our city, we need to make sure we take the following precautions:

  • Anyone over the age of 2 and who are medically able to put up with a face-covering, must wear one in all public places.
  • Every business that is opening, must require all who enter, to wear a mask or face covering. This also implies to the employees of these businesses.
  • Cloth masks should fit snugly and comfortably against the side of the face.
  • Masks should also be secured with ties or ear loops, and include multiple layers of fabric.
  • Your mask should allow for breathing without restriction and should be able to be washed and dried without damage.
  • Remember to also wash your mask to prevent the spread of the virus.
The Rockford Area Economic Development Council is collecting orders for personal protective equipment (PPE) on behalf of the Rockford region. These masks are not for donation and there will be a cost when purchasing these items. Additional details to follow in the coming days.
If your company needs PPE, complete this form and let the Rockford Area Economic Development Council know the quantity that is needed.