Imagine starting your first day at a new job and the very next day the state goes on lock-down! That’s what happened to Lynnette Obrycki – WDKB’s new sales representative!

To say it’s a weird time to be the “newbie” is an understatement. Since Lynnette hasn’t had the opportunity to really jump in and meet with the community, we decided to have a little Q&A session to help everyone get to know her!

Monica: Where are you from?

Lynnette: I live in Genoa. I’ve been here for about 20 years. I’ve been working in our area for almost that same duration. People may have actually met me at some point before.

M: So, the media realm isn’t new to you, right?

L: No! I’ve done everything from print, newspaper, radio, digital, and television. I’m pretty well-versed as far as putting all that together for people.

M: Is it just you? Do you have some family?

L: I have one daughter who now lives in Texas, around the Dallas area. I do have a little adopted fur ball! Her name is Willow. She is a Maine Coon that weights about 3.5 lbs! I adopted her about 2 years ago and she coolest teal eyes!

M: Let’s get into your hobbies! What have you been doing to pass the time while you’ve been stuck inside these past few weeks?

L: I do quite a bit of crafting, but lately I’ve just been doing a lot of cooking! I shop in giant quantities and just figure out my meals from there. Recently, I’ve been making ratatouille – a vegetable/tomato dish. Really anything I can get my hands on that’s fresh veggies…I do a lot of salads.

M: I am terrible in the kitchen! Some people have that gift and I am not one of them.

L: I wasn’t until lately! I’m getting better and better every day.

M: So what else have you been doing?

L: I’m doing some furniture refinishing. I’m going to be re-doing the bar stools in my kitchen in a kind of farm house design. I like re-purposing! I’m the one that goes out and gets these wild items. I have a rocking chair that I’m going to cut a whole in and make a planter…that’ll be out on my front porch!

M: My way of passing time usually involves binge-watching as much television as I can. What is your cup of tea? Are you a drama, comedy, reality person?

L: I’m kind of the HGTV or the Food Network person. Although the Game Show Network has become my new favorite because I feel like I’m interacting with someone! I do mostly lean towards the comedies, but I have recently been watching Shameless on Netflix.

M: Since we are a radio station, I have to ask about your music preference!

L: I’m very eclectic. I go from one end of the spectrum to the other. But I would say I have the tendency to stick more towards the pop, current hits, and also country. My favorite song right now that we are playing is Post Malone’s Circles.

M: Well I think that’s a pretty good synopsis of what you’re doing and what you’re about for now. There’s hopefully going to be an opportunity where people here in the community will get to know you a little bit more when you can actually go out and meet them!

L: Absolutely! In the meantime, I’m trying to do virtual. I’m offering everybody Zoom interviews and things like that, if they’re interested.

M: Awesome! Lynnette, it’s so great to have you on the team! Hopefully you’ll get to hit the ground running soon-ish.

L: I’m so thrilled to be here! Like I said, in the meantime, virtual is the way!

If you would like to connect with Lynnette Obrycki, email her at: