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What are things that don’t cost you much but really add up? The first thing that came to mind was subscriptions especially ones that you may not use often. Another one that came to mind was that morning coffee you grab everyday from your favorite spot on the way to work or school.

BuzzFeed asked its community to tell them what small things they realized were actually costing them a lot of money and here are the highlights.

  1.  Ordering food through apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash and Grub Hub. After ordering your food plus delivery fees, other fees, and a tip you can end up paying $25 more than if you were to just jump in your car and pick it up.
  2. Buying coffee and snacks on your way to work. It may be worth it to you at the time, but if you on average spend $7 five days a week, that’s around $1,680 a year.
  3. Apps and games you never use or maybe games your kids never use. Those in-app purchases also add up in the long run.
  4. Appetizers, drinks, and desserts at restaurants. By the time you are all done with your meal you end up adding an extra $15-$20 to your bill.
  5. Subscriptions that you don’t use. This includes all your streaming services, magazine, and paid food subscriptions. Cutting back on a few can go a long way and help your bottom line.

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