94.9 WDKB and First National Bank presented this week’s #HometownHero award to:

Jana Roe

Thanks to Andi for nominating Jana! She wrote:

“Jana has always lived her life to help others. She has worked with youth that have disabilities and volunteered at animal shelters. Some years back Jana received some very bad news that she had skin cancer as a result from her addiction to tanning. She continues to go through many painful treatments for her condition. Jana turned this unfortunate experience into one that can help others. She has written and published the book “Burned” which describes her journey and explains very clearly how and why to avoid tanning. Jana has spoken to many classes in local schools explaining her journey and how each young person can and should avoid the behaviors that lead to skin disease. Jana has received many letters from children who have stated how brave she is and that she has changed their way of thinking regarding exposure to the sun. Jana’s journey through skin care treatment of skin cancer is not over. She continues to use each painful experience as one that she will present to local youth so that they may avoid this painful and life threatening journey. Jana is a Hometown Hero!”

For more on Jana story and to purchase her book, visit her website below: