It’s a difficult time for everyone, specifically our area high school seniors. Because of the pandemic, a lot of seniors are missing out on so much, performances, parties, and most importantly, graduation.

A few area high schools have been trying to make the best out of the situation by having a drive-thru ceremony for their students.

Max Garcia, who attended his drive-thru graduation ceremony at Guilford High School said because of the coronavirus, this whole thing just doesn’t seem real. “To be honest, the end of my senior year finished off too easy and it doesn’t even feel like I’ve graduated yet but I still feel proud of myself for doing so.” Max said shortly after graduating on June 3rd, “It’s the only thing I have wanted to achieve throughout the years but overall I still want to thank my friends and both my Mom and Dad for all the support and cheers to making this graduation possible.”

Check out this video below of the awesome job Guilford High School’s teachers and faculty did by giving their students a graduation they will never forget!