As the country prepares to reopen, NPR asked a group of infectious disease and public health experts to rate the risk of summer activities.

The low risk activities include:

  • A BYO-everything backyard gathering with one other household
  • Spending the day at a popular beach or pool (so long as you maintain social distancing)
  • Staying at a hotel
  • Using a public restroom
  • Going camping

Medium to High risk activities include:

  • Eating indoors at a restaurant
  • Attending a religious service indoors
  • Getting a haircut
  • Going to a nightclub

So their rule of thumb being: The more time you spend and the closer in space you are to any infected people, the higher your risk. Interacting with more people raises your risk, and indoor places are riskier than outdoors.

My rule of thumb: Be smart and considerate!