Let’s talk about the drama surrounding Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly.

Some backstory: the Houston Astros defeated the Dodgers to win the World Series in 2017, but then it was proven that the Astros were stealing opponents’ signs, tipping off batters to what pitches were coming, which then questioned whether or not they deserved that World Series title. On Tuesday night, the two teams faced off and there was a lot of bad blood. Joe Kelly trolled the Astros big time, taunting players throughout the game until the Astros eventually cleared their benches.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Kelly “knocked a batter down, rattled another batter into a staring match, used pickoff throws to continually pound a baserunner into the ground, glared at another baserunner, and eventually walked off the field screaming at the Astros while scrunching his face into that of a crying, pouting baby.”

Social media was totally behind him, calling him a hero. Kelly eventually received an eight-game suspension for his actions which he is now appealing.