The Voluntary Action Center of DeKalb County is continuing to deliver Meals on Wheels in DeKalb and LaSalle counties, despite the state’s shelter-in-place order. According to a news release, the Voluntary Action Center will also continue offering MedVAC and TransVAC services. Meals on Wheels will deliver to Voluntary Action Center client homes. TransVAC will take people to medical appointments and grocery stores in town. However, the center offices are closed to the public, and the number of people allowed in its facilities is limited. Volunteers are still being accepted, and those interested in helping should contact the center.

They are also asking for donations of brown paper bags or tokens of appreciation to be shared with the seniors they serve such as greeting cards, flowers, or gift bags of sundries and toiletries. You can also help VAC by checking out their Amazon Wishlist

Call the VAC office at (815) 758-3932 for more info!

March 30 2020 – The Voluntary Action Center of DeKalb County is still providing service to the community during the stay-at-home order. We chatted with Executive Director Ellen Rogers about their need for volunteers, donations, and gifts of appreciation that can be delivered to their clients! For more info, visit

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