Happy #NameYourCarDay !

Here’s a little story about why my Prius is named ‘Erin’

Just a few weeks after leasing a brand new car, I got into an accident that totaled the car (note: not my fault). I was terrified that I would be out thousands of dollars to buy me out of the lease and get me back into another car.

While waiting to hear back on how much insurance was going to be able to help, I came across a new memorial tree at my neighborhood park. Hanging on the tree was a container of ribbons and a sign that encouraged strangers to spend a moment with their angel Erin, make a wish, and tie a ribbon to her tree.

I shared with Erin my fears and promised that if she could help nudge a little good news my way that I would name my new car in her honor. The very next day, insurance cut me a check for the full price value of the car and I was in a new Prius – named Erin – by the end of the week.

Thanks for looking out sweet angel Erin

…and thanks State Farm

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